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Who do I work with?

The spectrum of my female clients is broad. I've worked with young adults learning boundaries, empty nest moms trying to find their purpose, women launching businesses for more freedom, sales execs carving out new corporate paths, women looking to up-level their health and wellness, and more!


It lights me up to offer strategy and support to attain YOUR desired outcome.

I love helping women navigate life transitions with "bite-size" actionable steps so they can design an impact-driven life they are crazy about.

Clients typically come to me
for topics such as...

New Directions_3x.png

New Purposes

  • New seasons (empty nest etc.)

  • New goals (travel, art)

  • Identity loss/shifts (divorce etc.)

Career changes_3x.png

Career Transitions

  • Position opportunities/changes

  • Going back to school 

  • Workplace conflicts

Passion Projects_3x.png

Passion Projects

  • Starting a creative practice 

  • Launching a non-profit 

  • Writing a book 


Business Idea Development

  • Co-creating a business idea/plan

  • Brand messaging/ strategy

  • Business crossroads


Health & Wellness Goals


Relationship Goals

  • Health lifestyle makeover

  • Plans for fitness goals 

  • Boundaries for energy/health

  • Marriage/parenting

  • Sandwich generation issues

  • Adult/child relationships & more

Start your journey today!

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“I absolutely loved the information Christy shared from her incredible workshop on “Breaking Up with Decision Drama”. As someone who has trouble making decisions, I had so many takeaways from the workshop. One of the favorite tips that I learned is to ask myself the 5 questions when struggling with making a decisions. I will definitely use this moving forward. I also loved the tip that if  you decided your answer is a “no”, instead ask “what CAN I do?” I can’t wait for the next one!"


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