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You're passionate about an impact-driven life.
I'm passionate about helping you design it.

My gift is seeing potential. My goal is to unearth it with you. I help motivated women find an aligned "sense of self", by building a life they are crazy passionate about in bite-size steps. 


I believe there's a "soul ache" that creeps in when you are burying your gifts or passions underneath a busy life. A frustrating void can develop within us when we're not showing up expressing out most authentic selves in this world. 

Thanks for allowing me to share my journey, as you show up for yours. 

Hi, I'm Christy!

I'm an empowerment coach. 


 At heart, 
I'm a connector!  

Imagine feeling accomplished, proud, oxygenated, and happier in the area you feel stalled out or stuck in!

Coaching with me can help you:


Identify what kinds of resources you need to be successful.


Shift mindset blocks that need to be crushed in order to move forward more freely.


Implement strategic steps to get the outcome that will define success for you

Individualized Programs

I have a handful of levels at which you can work with me.

I can tailor your program to what you need!

Coach with me for insightful strategies, powerful recommendations, and supportive accountability.

What's YOUR vision?

Welcome to feeling capable with definitive, concrete, and actionable solutions!

With my 1:1 coaching, you'll have a personal guide in your corner for strategy, support and accountability for your individualized pursuits.

You can expect to:

  • Overcome uncertainty

  • Step over limiting beliefs

  • Experience life-giving shifts

When you have a guided, intentional space, coaching collapses time and shortens the learning curve for you.


Call it a goal, a venture, or passion project.


You have a purpose.


It's who you're becoming.


Sometimes it's a little scary to you and sometimes it totally excites you. If you don't have that in your life, then that super power energy you have, is going to go untapped.

I'll help you "play full-out" in all the ways your heart is called to in this world. 


Clients typically come to me for topics such as:

  • Architecting new purposes

  • Career transitions

  • Passion projects

  • Developing business ideas

  • Health and wellness goals

You'll get tangible results, as you unlock pathways where you've stopped short of your goals.

Beach at Sunset

It's not selfish to invest in yourself. YOU, are your best investment.

Begin your journey with a free 30 minute Clarity Call

“I loved working with Christy! Her innovative yet playful and joyful process of branding, ignited so much power and creativity within me. She's so talented and has a knack for working with your personal essence to come up with unique branding.”

- Lisa May

“Christy's coaching has made a difference in helping me navigate the decision making process and taking away a lot of the guesswork. I can’t wait to use the strategies we talked about. I’m feeling excited about the weeks ahead so THANK YOU!”

- Emily

“I thoroughly enjoyed Christy's workshop on the "Inner Critic". She provided effective tools on how to quiet the voice in our heads that distracts us from living our best life! I highly recommend her coaching services.”

- Alison

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